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She may have excessive activity, a strong sensuality and show cruelty as well as a tendency to be excessively demonstrative. The provocative roles are played by employees and male peers. The person maintains a cult of brute force, arrogance and rudeness, and she may experience an unhealthy attraction to fire, iron and sharp objects. She can feel a connection with the underworld and with criminal matters. In the actual incarnation, the person is a slave of her destructive instincts and uses people for her own purposes, through energetical attacks and vampirism.

Common features in this type of individual are also sudden outbursts, egocentrism, sadism, bloodthirst and uncontrolled sexual urges. The person herself may become the victim of violence or even of a murder. She may be the victim of a fire that injures her or destroys her property, or be the victim of a mugging. Everyone is rude and impolite with her, she has a lot of open enemies and opponents and she often experiences acute crisis and faces major obstacles.

In past lives, the person has abused of her power, was too ambitious, rude, cruel and unscrupulous in the means she used to reach her objectives.

Lilith Signs

The person may experience a painful attraction to sharp objects, fire and guns, all things she should rather be trying to avoid. The same can be said about hyperactivity, impulsiveness and a tendency to impose pressure on those who surround her. One should not succumb to provocation or respond to evil with evil. Deep inside herself, the person is brave and unbreakable. This is because she immediately recognizes open and violent manifestations of evil, impoliteness and rudeness and struggles deliberately against them. In past lives, the person overcame her destructive tendencies, her hatred for her enemies, and she went out victorious in the fight against evil.

She has certainly demonstrated heroism, and might even have been killed defending a just cause.

Now her mission is to re-educate murderers and rapists and show them the path to enlightenment. At this level, the person won the oratory skills, the ability to inspire others to great deeds.

The person enjoys giving praise to the object of her love and the fruits of her labor, but she requires a similar attitude towards her from people for whom she does not feel a strong passion. She behaves like a narcissistic poseur, self-centered and ambitious, abusing her power, an attitude that emanates from an exaggerated sense of the importance of her presence in the world. The person may also boast, show arrogance and have a tendency to take too much on herself.

She is possessed by a frequent desire to give lessons and does not like children. She tends to play the game of the love slave or to impose this role on her partner. The person is possessed by vanity and excessive pride, she is jealous and takes revenge on all those who are talented.

She behaves like an impostor, an upstart and uses sex, Eros, for malicious purposes. This is the karma of a gambler, a party animal, a Don Juan, a pimp, a molester or a child killer. In a previous life, the person may have abused some great power she had, such as a hierarchical position without equal, could have hurt her loved ones, or, more simply, was self-centered, exuberant or buried her talent. She could have been the keeper of a brothel or of a drug den.

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In this life, the person is attracted to debauchery, prostitution, pornography, gambling and to the vandalism of artworks. The person is the one enduring misfortunes at the hands of powerful people and treacherous and vengeful enemies.

Lilith in Aries

Her punishment can be infertility or sufferings associated with romantic failures. If she is talented, some parvenus with wounded vanity get jealous and take revenge on her. In a previous life, the person has abused her authority, was too egocentric and was using her talents at the detriment of others.

Perhaps was she unfair to children or has she abandoned her own child. When a person with Lilith in Aries feels the need to assert themselves, it feels so wrong and unnatural that they do it in a choppy, extreme, and messy way. Afterward, they feel ashamed for this display and vow to not do it again. Lilith in Aries has felt that asserting themselves and making executive self-centered decisions is selfish or otherwise wrong. They may have felt shame for displaying self-centered traits, for taking the lead without asking, or for making self-centered choices.

They may feel wary of people expressing Aries traits, largely because they are shocked at how they can do so without apology! There can be some fear of taking the lead, asserting oneself, and making executive decisions, but a simultaneous desire to do so, which can lead to extremes of behavior in these areas.

Learning to accept these traits in themselves is the key. This can also apply to Lilith in the 1st house. Lilith in Taurus has felt shame for self-indulgence, not sharing, holding onto possessions too tightly, and for enjoying themselves without apology. They may have a hard time feeling truly satisfied or sated, but can also fear the state of wanting.

Perhaps they were punished in some manner for being slow, savoring things, or enjoying and indulging themselves. This can also apply to Lilith in the 2nd house. Lilith in Gemini has felt shame for speaking too much or too little, or for their intelligence or social skills. They may be wary of people who seem to be indulgent in these ways — who are social butterflies or who talk too much or who seem to flaunt their intelligence.

Their curiosity may have been stifled in some manner, and they can fear not being considered smart. They can be wicked with what they say when angry! Shame in these areas can lead to extremes of behavior and a feeling of being out of control. Working on self-acceptance is the key to empowerment.

Black Moon Lilith in Leo | Do The Work 6to7

This can also apply to Lilith in the 3rd house. Lilith in Cancer has felt ashamed for being needy or dependent for whatever reason and feels awkward or even angry with people who display these traits without apology. This discomfort can lead to extremes of behavior in this area and then misgivings afterward, and the cycle then continues. This can also apply to Lilith in the 4th house. Lilith in Leo has felt ashamed or otherwise wrong for calling special attention to themselves, for seeking the spotlight, or for seeking to be better than others in competitions.

They may feel uncomfortable with people expressing these Leonine traits. This shame or discomfort can lead to extremes of behavior in these areas, which can exacerbate the problem. Your test may be abroad in a foreign land. You should learn how to combine your wildest or most adventurous side with your more accommodating and conservative side. If your Black Moon works well, you will be attracted to the development of your intellect and spirituality. Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius mixes money with love.

Anyone who has Lilith in Sagittarius can invest money to get emotional benefits. People with Lilith in Sagittarius are usually involved in legal proceedings, or being slandered for sexual reasons, or enduring revenge for infidelities.

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Perhaps you may practice adultery because you are not exactly contained sexually. Your love for novelty can induce you to infidelity in the most blatant way, but with the false sense that you are innocent. You can live with your two lovers under one roof, maintain two homes at the same time, or even set up group relationships.

Think about what adventures you need to live out in order for you to experience fullness or break out of your current boundaries. Avoid falling into major social nonconformity. Your test is related to your sense of responsibility and foresight. You may experience delays in finding or developing your career. If your Black Moon works well, you will have a sense of discipline and duty, so you will achieve prestige. However, you can also be too cold or demanding of others.

Black Moon Lilith symbolizes inhibition of some form without necessarily having to do with sex. In Capricorn, it leads to solitude and introversion and deepens the inner life even more.