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Thanks for this medicine. Premature ejaculation was a source of great distress for me. The very thought of having sex was associated with disgrace of being a poor lover who can't even last for 5 minutes. Now I can have normal sex and I'm much more confident, I met a good girl and we've been together for several months already, and our sex is great! This medicine has changed my life, thank you guys!

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KP: Observing the Effects of the Transits - Jupiters Web

It's great that now we have not only a good choice of different medication for all cases but also a choice of really effective medications that naturally improve our life. I have been suffering from asthma since , probably that was a consequence of living in a big city later I moved from Boston to New Haven or may be that was hereditary as my grandfather died from an uncontrolled asthma attack. At those time people had little choice and when conventional drugs couldn't help them they were kind of doomed. But even now you have to be patient until you find your medication that will help you without causing dramatic side effects.

Before I changed my doctor and the new guy prescribed me with Ventolin I have tried many different bronchodilators but only some of them were more or less effective and even a smaller amount were both effective and harmless. Every time I used to wake up breathless in the middle of the night I thought that I won't see the daylight anymore. But now with Ventolin I am no longer afraid of night attacks. The medication not only helps me when I start suffocating but it also decreased the amount and frequency of asthma attacks! I would recommend this medication to every person suffering from asthma but keep attentive to your body and the signals it gives.

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Once a was next to loosing my job, for I lost my temper and yelled at a child. This incident was smoothed, but I made up my minds to do something about it to be sure, that it won't happen again. To my great surprise I became much calmer and children started to irritate me less than they used to.

Top 49 Apps Similar to Jathakam - Tamil Astrology

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He told me about Viagra, I read some info on the net and decided that I am too old for half-measures. I ordered Viagra Super Force and now this medication is the best drug I have ever tried. Not only my erection quality increased, but also the frequency of our sex doubled. With the erection I have, being tired is not an argument good enough for continence.

The Table below will easily give reference to what areas will be affected in the KP Chart for Bhatt's Horoscope 1 when a planet transits in the various Star areas of each planet. To personalize the Transit Table when analyzing charts - either your own or another's - just change the houses in Column 4 ' Will Impact Houses' to reflect the significators of the chart you are currently working on. I have included a link to blank Transit Tables I and II at the bottom of this article, for your convenience when working on a chart of your choice.

Chennai Tamil panchangam

Using the Table above, we can see that when any planet transits in the Star of Rahu, it will influence houses 2, 6, 7, and 9 — the houses Rahu signifies in this chart. In this Horoscope, health issues are indicated, and Saturn, Venus, Moon, and Rahu are significators of ill health house 6. Their Sub Lords are also malefic due to the fact that they are connected with either house 6 or 8 — or both.

So Saturn, Venus, Moon and Rahu are strongly evil for matters affecting the health. See below This indicates that Rahu and Saturn are not favorable for the health of this native. Do pay attention to the position of the transiting planets and to the Sub Lords of these transiting planets.

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For your convenience, I have constructed Table Table II below to enable you to easily list the transit positions of the planets and their Star and Sub Lords , enabling you to more easily track transit activity in any given chart. Remember to pay attention to the Sub Lords of these transiting planets to ensure that they are not detrimental to the matters indicated by the Dasa period rulers. In Table I, you only need to fill in the appropriate house numbers in column 4 - to do that just check which house each planet is significator for, and fill in column 4 " Will Impact Houses ".

Krishnamurti, Chandrakant R.