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If you were born on March 21, you are an unconventional and independent spirit -- you're open-minded and need the freedom to pursue your own ideas and dreams without complications. Though you prefer your own company to that of others, you still win many friends. This is because you are so admired for your confident approach to life and your direct, honest manner in dealing with people.

March 21 Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality | stosteelanjiufi.ga

Remember that if you can act as more of a team player, you'll find yourself blazing a trail straight to the top with a gaggle of fans following your lead. At your best: Confident, open-minded, fair At your worst: Inflexible, anti-social, impatient. Dreams are one way for your subconscious to send messages to your conscious. Upon awaking from a dream, you may realize that there's a romantic theme unfolding from all the sexy vibes buzzing between you and a special individual right… Continue.

This is your day -- and it's time to celebrate everything that makes you a winner!

You're a sign who isn't as concerned with standing out in the crowd as much as you are with standing in front of it. Marking the beginning of spring or the vernal equinox, March 21st is the date when the Sun moves on to the sign of Aries and ends its large one-year-cycle with its last glimpse on the sign of Pisces.

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This is the biggest move from one sign to another, simply because it shows the entire cycle finished and the moment when the zodiac itself comes alive. To understand its profound impact, we would have to understand that it is the point where the dream becomes reality and everything impossible is suddenly possible. Although the Moon and the Sun normally represent our parents with their positive and negative traits, in the case of those born on March 21st, they seem to be connected by hope and a shared direction that gives a person something to live for.


Spring Zodiac Signs

Two lights in this row speak of two different approaches, one giving, creative and active, and the other accepting, evoking and passive. The story of masculine and feminine burns in their world and teaches them what they need to reflect and what comes from their own inner fire. Just like the change of the signs from feminine, hidden and passive to masculine, open and active occurs, their life story will develop through parental figures they reflect on within.

The Sabian symbol for Aries representatives born on March 21st of a leap year, and two years following it:. The powerful story of materialization and physical touch is held in these Sabian symbols. Both of them have something to tell about the transition from the realm ruled by Neptune into the one that is presented by Mars and our first chakra. From a dreamland, we get our circumstance and from our faith, our destiny.

This is a tale of awakening and people born on this date were chosen to be the ones to wake up and do something specific, real, and with a passion that guides them without boundaries. It is their touch with Nature that makes everything special and this should always be kept in mind.

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The main directive a person born on the 21st of March is guided by is balance. With Venus as the point they strive for, they are on a mission to find love, harmony, and the sensual satisfaction that will help them create what they truly need in life. Considering their planetary row, this isn't an easy task to resolve, but it is a truly empowering one. Healing the relationship between their parents, they will realize their own worth and find a way to balance out their personality standing by someone they love.

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  7. The plants are established and work on the land becomes variable according to the needs of the farms. This symbol is derived from the ichthyocentaurs — a pair of centaurian sea-gods that had the upper body of a male human, the lower front of a horse, and the tail of a fish — who aided Aphrodite when she was born from the sea.

    Today’s Horoscope – Daily Astrology – Birthday Horoscope

    The ruling celestial body of Pisces is traditionally Jupiter, but has since come to be Neptune. Aries is associated with Fire, and the ruling celestial body of Aries is Mars.

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    The ruling celestial body of Taurus is Venus. These are based on the Dioscuri of Greek mythology, two mortals that were granted shared godhood after death. Gemini is part of the Third House, traditionally named Fratres Brothers and currently known as the House of Communications.